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Give yourself a BREAK!

our philosophy is simple …

There are only two variables that are preventative in nature: diet and exercise. 

we can't force you to exercise, but we can help you change your diet.

Have you noticed that everything about "western" medicine is about chasing after the symptoms, not the causes?  Even when we try and do something good for ourselves, we can only think in terms of the aftermath, not the prevention. 

"Detox" and "Cleanse" are the most common terms used in the industry and both already accept the notion that we are repairing damage already done.  It's detoxing, not avoiding toxins in the first place.

We are trying to change that way of thinking. We want you to think about about the science of health, not the hype or the trend.    

We start with one basic principle...


give yourself a break


The promises of juice cleanses and detoxes have ranged from the ridiculous to the miraculous

We’ve all heard the celbrity hype about juice and smoothie cleanses and fasts. Do this, not that. Only my way is good for you, not their way. This endless misinformation has created a backlash from the medical community. 

To many in the field, it's science vs. the “woo” merchants; the people making billions of dollars off our confusion and desperation. 

So, what is the truth that people like Bill Clinton and Beyonce swear by? Is there something else at work that the medical community and skeptics aren’t taking into consideration?


what is a juice cleanse?


To answer that key question, we first need to understand how a juice cleanse or detox works

The doctors are correct. It isn’t the juice that "cleans" the body. It is giving the body a break from today’s toxins, so that it can completely break down yesterday’s toxins that cleans the body.

And that is the simple reason why juices and smoothies work so well to “cleanse” and “detox” the body. They give us a break from all of the toxins we don’t even realize we are eating at almost every meal.


the science of health


BREAK Juicery is committed to revitalizing the juice and smoothie (and acai bowl) industry

This is what we mean by the science of health.  It isn't enough to say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. We want the doctor to tell us exactly HOW the apple keeps him away.

We are always reaching out to top nutritionists and experts in the field for the latest breakthroughs in nutrition science.

So, take a BREAK from processed “fast” food.  Take a BREAK from the additives and preservatives; the chemicals and the toxins. 

Take a BREAK. For life!


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